DIY Home Maintenance Checklist to Protect Your Home from Pests

Every year, we spend time around the house ensuring it’s in good shape. How’s that roof? Those windows? What new plantings do we need to put in? Any home improvement projects on the horizon? Consider doing home maintenance for pest control this spring and summer!

While you’re busy doing basic maintenance on your home this spring and summer, you can multi-task with some simple home maintenance tips for keeping pests like ants, wasps, bees and rodents out of your home all year long.

Click the button below to receive our FREE home maintenance checklist. This guide will provide you with simple ways to help protect your home from pests, such as:

  • Weak points in your home to check for any structural issues and openings for pests to enter.
  • Irrigation and landscaping tips that will keep your yard beautiful, but avoid making it a haven for pests.
  • Mulching tips – How to ensure that this #1 way for pests to enter your home doesn’t become a problem for you!
  • Home improvement tricks that will keep your projects pest-free by nature.


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