Commercial Services

Emphasizing pest prevention, we successfully serve all types of hospitality, commercial, industrial, hospitals and government facilities. Pestex is particularly skilled in eradicating even the most challenging pre-existing pest infestations. Effective treatment of facilities may each host their own unique set of challenges but we’re prepared to tackle even the most opposing circumstances, caring for your property with an expert approach and a detail oriented and environmentally sound treatment strategy.

One of our favorite mantras is: “Go where the other guy hasn’t!” Quite simply, this means we approach the same account differently each time we service, challenging ourselves and expanding our horizons. We employ Integrated Pest Management techniques to go above and beyond “spray-and-pray” pest control. In addition to learning how the client operates, we inspect dropped ceilings, explore crawl spaces, utility accesses and carefully observe the outside of every building. Is there a receiving door that stays open most of the time allowing fresh air to enter the building as well as flying insects and foraging rodents? Our approach not only prevents problems, but also goes a long way toward eliminating existing ones.

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