Cockroaches are “crack & crevice” creatures. They like to hide in dark, protected places.

When you see a cockroach run across a counter it is either looking for food, finding a new place to live because the crack it is living in has become too crowded or you startled it in some way.

In addition you should also start thinking about how the roaches got into your unit in the first place. Your favorite food store, a friend that may have visited, you or your spouse’s place of work, a child returning from school are all possibilities.

If you can identify the source then you can take the appropriate steps to insure it doesn’t happen again.

Therefore, it makes sense that in order to treat for these unwanted pests effectively then we, as pest management professionals must have access to these cracks & crevices.

What to Do before Your Pest Control Professional Arrives

  1. They day before your treatment please remove all items from beneath your kitchen sink.
  2. Kitchen cabinets that are full of food, dishes or other kitchen items should be emptied in such a way as to allow our technicians access to the cracks & crevices. In most cases this does not require the emptying of the entire cabinet, just some rearranging.   If boxes are removed from these cabinets, it is very important that the packages be inspected for the presence of cockroaches. If roaches are evident then the package should be double-sealed and removed from the apartment. Do not just place the package in another room because this will allow the roaches to spread to other areas of the apartment.
  3. Items should never be stored above the cabinets. This just creates more places for the roaches to hide and could pose a safety risk by putting undue stress on the cabinets themselves.
  4. Please remove any items that may be stored on top of the refrigerator. In many cases we may be pulling the unit to treat behind it.
  5. Empty the bottom drawer of your stove.

This is a good time, while performing the tasks, to do a little deeper housekeeping in the kitchen area.

For example, are there items that you store in your kitchen that haven’t been used in some time?
Why don’t you consider giving the item away or just throwing them away?
Are bags “stuffed” next to your refrigerator creating cracks & crevices for the roaches to hide in, or even more serious, creating a fire hazard?
How about those kitchen cabinets themselves? Are they greasy?

Remember good sanitation goes a long way in eliminating cockroach infestations. It also makes our treatments that much more effective because we are providing a food (toxic) for the roaches also. If we have to compete with your food then the roaches may not eat ours.

The above items should be inspected for any signs of roaches. Needless to say that if roaches are found then the appropriate steps should be taken.

Disposing of Cockroaches the Right Way

  • Double bag the item and remove it from the building.

Following the above procedures will allow our technicians to move effectively and efficiently treat your kitchen and aid in the elimination of your cockroaches.