Organic & Conventional Pest D-Fence Comparison

Conventional Mosquito and Tick Control & Prevention

The Pest D-Fence Conventional option uses a synthesized extract of dried chrysanthemum flowers. They are synthetic, so more “chemically perfect” than natural pyrethrins, and as s result, tend to be more effective on insects. The finished product is called Bifenthrin – it is effective against 75 pest species, including fleas (added benefit?), and has an EPA label that allows its use both indoors and outdoors – an indication the product is safe when properly handled. It has great residual control and will knock down mosquitoes and ticks instantly. It is popular for this kind of outdoor work because we don’t need to use much of it at all to be effective – about .25 ounces per gallon of water. It does not become absorbed by plant material because it is a very “stable” product. Yes – that’s a good thing.

Organic Mosquito and Tick Prevention Control & Prevention

The Pest D-Fence Organic option uses a natural botanical compound, that plants produce naturally, as part of an evolutionary device to protect against insects that feed on their vital parts. The botanical compound targets the insect central nervous system by preventing octopamine (aka bug adrenaline) which regulates heart rate, movement, behavior and hunger. The result is a breakdown of the nervous system – it just stops working. Because mammals, birds, and fish do not have these kinds of receptors – this stuff has zero effect on those groups. The material synergizes – becoming more effective with each treatment, unlike conventional, which breaks down after about 30 days, depending on conditions. This product is so unique – it has an exemption under the EPA FIFRA act (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act) called a 25(b) Exemption. IC-3 Products are not required to be registered with the EPA because of their all natural active ingredients, but they must be handled properly to be safe.

No matter which way you go – get more bang for your buck by taking these simple steps on your property. Unsure what is right for you? Contact us to speak with a pest exterminator specialist