Pest D-Fence

Residential Insect Treatment

Mosquito and tick treatmentWouldn’t it be great to enjoy your yard tick and mosquito bite free all spring and summer long? Pest D-Fence by Pestex can do just that.

Pest D-Fence uses conventional or organic products, targeting the conducive areas around your residential property where mosquitoes and ticks congregate and breed – reducing populations by up to 90%

Mosquitos and ticks dont just ruin backyard barbeques – these pests also pose a health risk.

The Pest D-Fence program is simple:

  • One treatment each month from spring to fall – peak activity time for disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks. Results increase over time but knock-down is immediate. 
  • Each treatment takes about 15-25 minutes – if your yard is very large, it can take up to 45 minutes. 
  • You cannot be outside during the treatment. 
  • Receive an email notification upon completion of treatment, so you don’t even have to be home. 
  • We WILL NOT treat on rainy, or windy days – part of our commitment to the environment, not revenues, like many competitors. 
  • Material dries in about one hour, at which point you may re-enter your yard. 
  • Safe for children, pets, and other neighborhood critters – TOUGH on mosquitos and ticks – click here to learn why.

The cost of the program is $98 per month for yards under 1 acre or about $3 a day for a bite free yard.  
For areas over an acre, add $20 for each ½ acre.  
Program is credit card only – just like your gym membership. 
You will only be charged the months we treat – cancel anytime.

We also have group discounts for HOA’s and Neighborhood associations. Contact us if this sounds like you.

Learn more about the program and conventional vs. organic options.

Select TCS Tick Boxes

We are a certified installer of the “Select TCS Tick Control System” which is the only tick control regiment recognized by the Center for Disease Control.  The Tick Box System works by treating the host (mice and chipmunks) for ticks – and we can realize a 93% knockdown of disease carrying ticks in year one. Your yard professional or “Mosquito Ranger” cannot do this. These boxes work well alone or in conjunction with a Pest D-Fence program.

Click here to watch a video on how the Select TCS Tick Control System works.

Pest D-Fence Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: So you are saying I will never see a mosquito or tick in my yard?  
A: I wouldn’t be surprised, but no, that’s not what we are saying. 70-90% suppression is dramatic, but this is not elimination – which is impossible – because mosquitoes will travel over a mile in search of a blood meal (**so tell your neighbors about the program – for every neighbor or friend that signs up, you get a free month), and ticks may travel on other neighborhood critters like chipmunks, squirrels, birds, or even snakes.

Q: Is it safe for me? The kids? The puppy? The honeybees?!
A: Of course. Remember – as pest control operators we are stewards for the environment – we exercise that in EVERYTHING we do. This program is very low impact, be it the organic or conventional option. We are talking about a shot-glass or two of product, dissolved in gallons of water, dispersed on the underside of leaves and shaded areas (targeted – which is why we wont do it in the rain (run-off) or wind (drift) – over your entire yard. It targets the nervous system of the mosquitoes and ticks– it’s a quick death. Once dry – absolutely harmless to mammals and non target pests.

All of our technicians are trained specifically for these types of applications. Each is required to complete a learning course for Pollinator Health through the National Pest Management Association – yes bee health is THAT important to us all.

Q: What is the difference between the conventional and organic option?  
A: First and foremost – both are plant derived, but one is synthetic and one is a natural compound. Both work wonderfully. In our experience you get a more abrupt knockdown with the conventional, while the organic can take a few hours to kick in. For most customers, that isn’t a problem as all treatments are done early in the day. The organic product however, synergizes more effectively, so you may decide to finish services earlier in the season and expect control for a few more weeks or months. No promises there- but that is direct feedback from some of our customers. Also- if you have a fish pond or live near a body of water, organic is the only option we will offer you, just to be safe.