Whether you own a home or a commercial building/facility, your property is one of your most important investments: don’t let it be the victim of a termite infestation! We provide excellent termite monitoring and baiting with two options available: basic monitoring, or the No. 1 brand in termite protection –
The Sentricon® System.

Why Sentricon® System?

The Sentricon® System kills the entire termite colony, including the termite queen. Using scientific knowledge of termite behavior, Sentricon® eliminates the queen and her colony by ending the food chain needed for survival. With the proven power to wipe out future house-hungry termite generations, Sentricon® gives you complete termite protection.

What’s the difference between termite monitoring and termite baiting?

Monitoring provides an early-detection tool through regular checkups. By installing in-ground wooden stakes around your home with simple monitoring caps, actively foraging termites are detected as they feed on the stakes. This system is primarily for home system customers as an added benefit to our regular program. We also offer this monitoring as a basic stand-alone program – but it is included with Home System packages. If termites are detected, we will let you know, and we can discuss installation of the Sentricon® System by Dow. Dow is the leading provider of termite baiting technology, trusted by the White House, The Statue of Liberty, and millions of customers worldwide.
Colony Elimination. Guaranteed.

Termite vs AntHow do I know if I have termites?

Keep an eye out for swarming, winged termites in the spring, and then during the warm months for termites creating mud tunnels along your buildings foundation. Prevention is the best line of defense against termites, but if you discover an infestation call us immediately. If you have any questions about how you can better protect yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Having problems with Termites?

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