Staff Entomologist

We retain the staff services of Dr. Austin Frishman, a world-renowned Board Certified Entomologist and recognized industry expert in the pest management field since 1967.

Among the world’s most revered and respected entomologists, Dr. Frishman has traveled millions of miles and spoken to several hundreds of thousands of people across almost every state in America and in ten countries. A giant in our industry, in the 1980′s, he helped develop the first cockroach bait trays, followed by collaboration with Clorox in 1986 to develop the first cockroach liquid gel bait. That creation alone has truly revolutionized treatment strategies in our industry worldwide.

A modest man who without hesitation has gracefully shared his wisdom and un-compromised perspective for the betterment of us all, Dr. Frishman has assisted leading food industry manufacturers (Heinz, Lipton, Coca-Cola, M&M Mars, Nabisco…), Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Industry Establishments, Federal and State Government Agencies, an untold number of private businesses and well over 1000 pest control firms covering 50 U.S. states and several countries. To date, Dr. Frishman is the author of 9 books more than 65 publications and is a featured columnist in Pest Control Magazine, a leading national trade publication. A simple Google search of Dr. Austin Frishman will bring about 26,000 responses.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Frishman on board and our clients are fortunate to have provisional access to his intellect and expertise