“I have been doing business with Pestex for several years now. Dan “the bald guy” and his team are very knowledgeable about the wide range of pest and rodents. Very professional, reasonable and affordable. I call him Dr. RAT MAN. There are a bunch of pest control companies out there. I have not seen any good ones like Pestex. I highly recommend to any businesses and residential Pest Control needs.”
– Rajit S.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pestex numerous times throughout the past year and they are wonderful! Doug [and his staff] are all very knowledgeable, dependable and professional. I would highly recommend Pestex!”
– Kelly E.

“I was completely freaked out because I had a bat in my bedroom. Dan came right over and took care of it–less than 30 min after I asked him for help. Dan is not only competent but a funny and delightful personality. After he got rid of the bat, he texted me: “Pest Professionals 1, Bats 0.” I would highly recommend Pestex to anyone who has an infestation. Thank you, Dan!”
– Bernice C.

“Doug is amazing!! He gets rid of the bugs and also help bug haters like my self be more rational about having them.”
– Jennifer M.


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