Pestex was founded from lifetimes of pest control experience. My father, grandfather and uncle each dedicated their lives to this industry and faithfully helped homeowners and businesses maintain the structural integrity and comfort of their assets.

So this is the life I grew up in. I’m Dan Fleischer and from an early age my father Aaron, instilled in me the importance of caring for the customer as our family built a respected business with Certified Pest Control. He succeeded at this through intensive training, employing state-of-the-art treatment strategies and the overall belief that any job worth doing is worth doing right. This was the ideal role model for a young man who would choose to follow in his father’s footsteps and eventually establish his own pest management business.

Today, my company holds to the very same time honored standards embraced by the generations before me. Pestex’s success comes from our core principle, our hallmark…a conscious decision to never sacrifice customer service and professionalism for the sake of growth. The Pestex crew takes great pride in knowing each of our customers personally, treating their homes and businesses promptly and respectfully and being available to their needs at any time.

See “This Old House” video segment

Purveyors of green pest management, we stay well ahead of the curve by keeping our finger on the pulse of changes in our ever-evolving industry with new, more environmentally friendly and yet effective treatment strategies through our memberships in the National Pest Management Association, The New England Pest Management Association, Quality Pro, Integrated Pest Management Registry as well as attending national and regional conferences and subscriptions to Pest Control Technology and Pest Management Magazine.