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Burrow Barrier

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A burrow is a tunnel or a hole that an animal digs into the ground for habitation or for safety. There are many burrowing animals in Massachusetts, including woodchucks, rats, moles, voles, chipmunks, and skunks just to name a few. Although burrowing critters may seem harmless, they can pose a hazard to residential homes. In addition to wreaking havoc on your home’s landscaping, burrowing animals can enter your home by burrowing under low clearance areas such as decks, porches, or crawl space entryways. Pestex’s Burrow Barrier System is designed to guard your home by blocking critters from entering your home via underground burrows.

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*can be sold a la carte or as an add on to a Lower/Full Armor Shield.

Subtle and Effective Ground-Level Defense

Our team of experts block burrowing critters at the source by trenching into the ground and installing hardware cloth the animals cannot penetrate.  Burrow Barriers are subtle, unassuming, and effective forms of defense for your home.  Burrow Barriers are recommended for homes with decks, porches, stand alone sheds, or any other low clearance crawl space on a home.

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Pestex Burrow Barrier Warranty

The Pestex Burrow Barrier Warranty protects against reentry of the specific pests and rodents it is designed to exclude. Under this program, if at any time there is an issue with the material or installation, we will be out to inspect and solve the issue in our next available appointment. The warranty covers your Exclusion System in full for each year it is renewed.

** Warranty Included with an Annual Home System

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