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Skunk Control & Removal in Boston

30+ Years of Wildlife Control Experience

Roughly the size of a typical housecat, skunks are easily recognizable by their back fur with a white stripe down the head and back. In addition to their unpleasant odor, skunks can be carriers of disease, fleas, and ticks. If you are having a problem with skunks, Pestex offers expert skunk removal and control in Boston, Framingham, and all of eastern Massachusetts from a family-owned pest control company with four generations of experience.

Problems Caused by Skunks

Skunks are highly adaptable creatures that can be found everywhere from cities to rural areas. They often live close to humans and make their homes around and under houses, sheds, and garages. In addition to seeing the animals, you can detect skunks by their distinctive odor or finding a lot of small holes around your yard, where they dig for food. If you have a skunk odor around your deck or shed, a skunk may have moved in.

Skunks are known to burrow and den under:

  • Decks
  • Sheds
  • Homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Driveways

If you have noticed skunks, smelled their odor on your property, or seen evidence that they may have burrowed under your porch or deck, it is best to call a professional for an inspection to avoid accidentally being sprayed. Our wildlife control experts are well-versed in all types of wildlife and have the skill to locate and remove any critters that may have moved in.

Get in touch with us by telephone at (617) 332-3344 for professional skunk control.

Humane Skunk Removal

At Pestex, we use safe and humane methods for skunk control in Boston to remove the wildlife from your home without harming it. We begin with a thorough inspection to identify the places of harborage that skunks have used to make themselves at home on your property. It is important to locate how the animals have gained access and their dens to ensure that they are safely removed.

After the skunks have been removed, they will take most of their smell with them. We will take the time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the accessible areas and provide tips about how you can discourage infestations of skunks or other wildlife in the future. Our services are always customized to your unique requirements.

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Keep Skunks Away with Armor Shield

Skunks are adept at burrowing and finding ways to create a den under and around residential homes and buildings. If you want to prevent future problems with skunks, it is important to block all areas of access to your home. We can help protect your home from future visitors with our Armor Shield service. Armor Shield is a custom aluminum exclusion method that is available in a variety of colors to match any home.

Armor Shield is available in lower shield, upper shield, and both types of exclusion materials. The Lower Armor Shield is effective for protecting the area where your home meets the foundation and blocking any holes in the foundation or siding. Our Burrow Barrier system is designed to prevent burrowing animals from accessing areas under your porch, deck, or shed. In addition, we offer a variety of other exclusion, masonry, stonework, and abatement services to keep pests out.

Please call (617) 332-3344 for more information and an estimate for our animal control and exclusion services.

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