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Select TCS Tick Boxes

Treats both chipmunks and mice (host animals) which are the reservoirs of the bacteria that cause Lyme Disease.

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Targeting Ticks

The Tick Box Tick Control System achieves 97% control and interrupts the transmission cycle of Lyme disease. No other product can make that claim.

The key to the Tick Box Tick Control System is a small, plastic box which holds an insecticide that’s effective against ticks and a bait that’s attractive to mice.

The insecticide won’t harm the mice or any other animal that might touch or even eat them, but it will kill the ticks that the mice are carrying.

See How it Works

The system boxes are self-contained, and the insecticide they use is not a threat to any animal other than ticks on small rodents. The system is effective for approximately 90 days as installed, with two 90-day installations that take care of ticks for a full season.

For more information, watch the video to the left and/or download the brochure below.

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