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Fly Control in Boston, MA

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Here at Pestex Inc., we understand bugs. When it comes to insects like flies, we always do our best to resolve the problem fully and completely. Whether it’s a repeating treatment plan, an ongoing prevention program, or a one-time extermination service, we use state-of-the-art methods and premium products to ensure we offer thorough and reliable results.! We can even help you locate the source of your fly problem and rectify it so it’s less likely to return any time in the future as well. Keep flies away from your food, out of your house, and out of the front of your mind with our services!

How Are Flies Getting in My House?

Flies are one of the most common household pests found throughout the country. They come in several different sizes and species, are found nearly everywhere humans are, and have a knack for getting into our homes in ways we can’t quite seem to figure out. Some sneak in when we open the door to get in or leave, while others find their way in through vents, cracks, open windows, or gaps around doors themselves. Once inside, flies might even find a spot to lay eggs, resulting in a swarm of ultra-obnoxious gnats buzzing around your house before long. But what causes these pesky insects to seek shelter in your home in the first place?

What Attracts Flies?

  • Spoiled food and produce
  • Garbage and trash bins
  • Leaks and other sources of moisture
  • Dirty drains
  • Pet waste
  • Light
  • Sugary liquids, such as syrups, sodas, and liquor
  • Rotting plants

At Pestex Inc., we know how annoying flies are and how frustrating they can be to live with. Our Boston fly removal team make getting rid of flies simple and can even help you keep them away with ongoing protective and preventative treatments.

We Handle All Common Types of Flies

The New England area is no stranger to a wide variety of bugs, and this certainly holds true with flies. In fact, there are more than 150,000 species of flies in the world, and each has unique characteristics and behaviors that differentiate it from the rest. While it might seem like we have 150,000 species of fly here in Massachusetts, the truth is we have just a few types of fly that are common, and they are incredibly abundant in number. If your home struggles because of these bugs, it’s time to take action and give the team at Pestex Inc. a call for a fly extermination service in Boston.

Types of Flies in Massachusetts:

  • House fly: The most common type of fly found across the United States. They are small, fast, multiply in a hurry, and love to live around humans because they feed on garbage and fecal waste. As such, they are pretty well-known carriers of disease and bacteria.
  • Fruit fly: Fruit flies are known for their distinct yellow color, and for their preferred diet of fruit and fermenting residues. They are commonly found in orchards, vegetable plots, pubs, and even around breweries because of the fermenting alcoholic beverages inside.
  • Flesh fly: These creatures get their name because their larvae develop in rotting flesh and meat, which means they are commonly found on animal carcasses and roadkill.

Pestex Inc. specializes in removing all types of flies, including all species in all different stages of life. Fly larvae are commonly known as maggots, and maggots have been known to feast on foods including fruits, meats, and more. They are frequently found in trash cans (especially outdoor trash cans), but can even find their way into your refrigerator, pantry, or countertop fruit basket. Pestex, Inc. can eliminate maggot populations as well as adult flies for a complete extermination treatment.

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How to Get Rid of Flies

The most effective and best way to get rid of flies once they have overrun your home is to invest in professional fly control services. While some DIY methods like fly swatters, fly paper, Citronella candles, fly traps, and other home remedies, such as mixing apple cider vinegar and dish soap, may help remove some presence of flies from your home, they won’t completely eliminate the problem. With professional fly control services in Boston, you will receive a longer-lasting, more comprehensive solution for your whole property. This is because exterminators are trained and experienced in identifying where the flies are coming from, or the source of the infestation, and applying specialized treatments that will help rid your home of its fly problem. So, if you are dealing with a sudden influx of these pests, be sure to contact our experienced team right away!

While it is best to contact a professional if you are dealing with a house fly infestation, there are some preventative steps you can take to help prevent flies from invading your home in the first place.

Tips for Preventing Flies:

  • Have any cracks or holes in your windows and doors repaired
  • Ensure window screens are secure
  • Keep garbage cans covered and closed, both inside and outside the home
  • Clean up any pet waste
  • Keep your kitchen counters clean of any dirty dishes or glassware
  • Invest in professional preventative pest control services, like Pestex Inc’s Home Protection Plan

Fly Prevention with Ongoing Protection

If you’re tired of flies buzzing around your property or making your patio or deck an unlivable space, preventive treatments can go a long way towards keeping these frustrating bugs at bay. Investing in insect repellant candles will help, as will outdoor fans that create air currents that disrupt a fly’s flight patterns. However, there is no substitute for professional fly treatments from the team at Pestex Inc. Our prevention services eliminate fly colonies on your property and keep them away for weeks or even months at a time. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind, fewer interruptions, and so many other benefits when you trust your home and your property to us!

Keep Your Property Free of Flies With Pestex Inc

Flies are a major nuisance and can be frustratingly difficult to manage on your own. That’s why we recommend investing in professional fly removal services from Pestex Inc. We offer an effective solution to help rid your home or business of flies! Our Boston fly exterminators pride themselves on delivering exceptional value, and that means superior customer service, long-lasting peace of mind, and ongoing protection as well as ready availability, should the problem ever return!  Take a look at our reviews page and see why we are Boston’s trusted pest control company!

Keep the flies out with help from the Boston team at Pestex! Contact us today. 

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