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Rat infestations are just enough to drive anyone up a wall. If you’re tired of spotting them running across your fence or scurrying across your attic every night, we don’t blame you. Not only are rodent infestations irritating, but they are also quite dangerous. That’s where Pestex comes in. At Pestex, your pests are our business. In our 30+ years in business, we have encountered and resolved countless rat infestations, both large and small. We are skilled in locating and eliminating rats, preventing future invasions from taking place, and helping you regain control of your home. Are you looking to get rid of rats in your home or business once and for all? Turn to our team of Boston rat control experts for unparalleled services. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us!

How Do Rats Get in the House?

Most rats enter through small holes and cracks in the outer walls of buildings. They can fit through surprisingly small gaps, making it difficult to identify all potential entry points. Rats also can squeeze through gaps in windows and door screens, as well as through vents, roofs, pipes, and chimneys. But what attracts rats to your property in the first place?

What Attracts Rats?

  • Food – Rats are scavengers by nature and will eat just about anything they can find including garbage. If there is food available, rats will come looking for it. That is why its important to properly store food and clean up any food that may have been left out.
  • Water – Rats need water to survive, so if they can find a source, they will come looking for it. Be sure to check for leaks within your Boston home and clean up any puddles or standing water to prevent these unwelcome intruders.
  • Shelter – Rats also need shelter and warmth from the elements, so a home with plenty of nooks, crannies, and other hiding places can be appealing. Keeping your property free of debris that rats can use for nesting material is key.
  • Clutter – Clutter can also be an attractant for rats, as it provides them with plenty of places to hide and nest. If your property is cluttered with newspapers, boxes, or other items, it may be more likely to attract rats.

Signs of Rats

Rats are skilled at avoiding human contact, which means you won’t always be able to spot one even if your home is infested. Luckily, these rodents leave behind plenty of other signs that they are around.

How to Know if You Have Rats:

  • Unusual sounds: Rats are good at hiding, but that doesn’t mean they are quiet. You will likely hear them running around behind walls or in your attic, squeaking, scratching, or chewing on things.
  • Property damage: Are you finding chewed-up wiring, damaged insulation, food packaging that has been destroyed, grease marks along your walls, or any other unexplained property damage in your Boston home? Rats just might be the culprits.
  • Odd pet behavior: Our pets can often detect rodents before we do, which means you might notice yours are fixated on certain areas for no apparent reason.
  • Strong odors: Rats produce a strong odor that some people describe as musty or musky. This odor can be difficult to get rid of once it has permeated an area and it could indicate you’re dealing with an infestation.
  • Droppings – One of the most obvious signs that you have rats is the presence of droppings. Rat droppings are small and dark, and they are often found in areas where rats have been active.
  • Footprints – Rats leave behind footprints as they travel around your property. So if you notice footprints that are small and found in dusty or muddy areas, rats are likely to blame.
  • Gnaw Marks – Rats are known for their ability to gnaw through wood, plastic, and even metal. If you see gnaw marks on any of the surfaces in your home or business, it is likely that you have rats.
  • Nests – Rats will often build nests in areas where they feel safe and protected. Nests are typically made from materials like insulation, paper, and fabric.
  • Burrows – In addition to nests, rats will also create burrows in the ground. These burrows can provide shelter for rats and can also be used to store food. If you see burrows on your property, you could have rats.

If you notice any of the above signs, reach out to our rat exterminators in Boston. We are equipped with advanced tools, technologies, and extermination products that enable us to effectively remove rats from your home and keep them out.

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Are Rats Dangerous?

Rodents are easily one of the most dangerous pests because they are known to, directly and indirectly, transmit over 25 different diseases in the U.S. Rats and mice transmit diseases through their bites, urine, feces, and by introducing other disease-carrying pests into your homes, such as fleas and ticks.

What Diseases Do Rats Carry?

If you are experiencing symptoms of a rat-borne illness after coming into contact with rats or an infestation, it is important that you seek medical assistance right away.

  • Rat-bite fever
  • Colorado tick fever
  • Deer tick fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Tularemia
  • Babesiosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Plague
  • Lassa fever
  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Typhus

Do Rats Cause Property Damage?

In addition to putting your health at risk, rats are known to cause a lot of property damage. Due to their ever-growing incisor teeth, rats have to constantly chew through just about anything to keep their teeth sharp and prevent them from getting too long. They also chew on things to gather nest materials, make a new pathway, or feed.

Rats Will Chew On and Through Many Things, Including, but Not Limited To:

If you are experiencing symptoms of a rat-borne illness after coming into contact with rats or an infestation, it is important that you seek medical assistance right away.

  • Wiring
  • Insulation
  • Walls
  • Wood
  • Cinder blocks
  • Plastic
  • Brick

This can result in extensive property damage, particularly if they chew through wires and start house fires or explosions. That’s why it’s impertative you consult with our experienced team of rat exterminators in Boston if you believe your home or business is infested with this pest.

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Rat infestations are no joke, which is why you need a team you can truly trust on your side. At Pestex, each member of our Boston rat removal team is backed by four generations of experience, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has access to top-quality products, and is passionate about protecting your home and family. We don’t mess around or cut corners when it comes to your safety, so you can always count on us to get the job done right.

Our team also caters to commercial properties, to ensure your every pest control need is met. Check out our commercial services to learn more.

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