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Exclusion Services

Partial Exclusion

Custom Solutions for Any Pest Problem

With Partial Exclusion, our team of experts target a small area of your home that poses as a potential entry for problem wildlife. Unlike the Armor Shield, which is a complete home seal up, Pestex’s Partial Exclusion services focus on a singular entry point.

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Door Sweep Installation

Rodents and wildlife can enter your home a variety of ways – including right through your front door!  Mice can enter through a gap as small as a quarter; a tight seal along the bottom of a door frame is imperative to keep out unwanted pests.  Pestex offers installation and replacement services for residential door sweeps as well as residential and commercial garage door sweeps.  Your doors will be measured and sweeps are cut to perfectly fit your door frame, eliminating any gaps critters may enter through.

Chimney Caps

Chimneys are a common entry point for pests into residential structures.  As a solution, Pestex offers chimney cap services to keep critters out of your chimney and out of your home. Chimney caps are specialty ordered for each home with animal exclusion in mind. They are measured to the exact size of your Chimney, as very few chimneys are alike!  After a thorough inspection for wildlife activity, measurements are taken for a custom-made stainless steel chimney cap.

Masonry and Stone Work

Minor mortar and stone work can be performed to seal any cracks and holes on your foundation that are identified as potential entry points for wildlife.  Many critters only need a small opening to invite themselves into your home, so sealing up small gaps in your foundation can make a big difference in the activity you see in your home.  For major damages, you may be advised to contact an outside mason or contractor before we can pest proof your home.

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