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Spiders are one of the most diverse and numerous types of animals on the planet. There are thousands of different species of spiders, and they can range in size from as small as the tip of a pin to as large as 11 inches in length (in the case of the Goliath Bird Eating Spider). They are found down on the ground, up in trees, in bushes and plants, hidden away in corners, and even in underground burrows in some cases. Naturally, it isn’t at all uncommon to find spiders in your house, and the team at Pestex Inc. is here to help you when you do. We offer premium Boston spider control services, including removal of spider colonies, home exclusion, preventive treatments, and so much more.

Different Types of Spiders

Spiders vary almost as much, if not even more than we do as humans! Some spiders are small, while others are large. Some live in large colonies and nests while others tend to be more solitary and live alone. Some eat plants while others feast on other insects and even some small animals. However, all spiders have a few common characteristics: they have eight legs, they spin webs, and they hunt their prey with venomous fangs designed to paralyze or kill.

While there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of different species of spiders in the world, there are a select few that are common found in houses and on properties throughout the Boston area. Whatever type of spiders you might have around your home, Pestex Inc. is trained to eliminate them quickly and effectively.

Common Spiders in Massachusetts:

  • Cellar spiders: Also known as the “daddy long-legs” colloquially, these spiders are not actually spiders at all. Instead, they are a different type of arachnid known as harvestmen that don’t produce silk webs and have a distinctly different body shape.
  • House spider: Getting their name from their propensity to show up in houses, these tiny spiders have tan and brown striped legs. They love to live in attics, basements, or even on ceilings, where they spin small, fluffy webs to try and catch gnats and flies.
  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders are renowned hunters, but not of humans. They are intimidating because of their larger size and general hairiness, but these spiders tend to avoid any contact with humans as much as possible and will only bite if provoked. They tend to be found around windows and doors, in houseplants, and in outdoor gardens.
  • Black widow: Perhaps the most renowned “dangerous” spider species (and also the only one native to the Boston area), the black widow is easily recognized by the distinct red “hourglass” mark on its abdomen.

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Do All Spiders Bite?

Spiders are not typically aggressive and will usually only bite if they feel threatened or provoked in some way, however this usually only results in minor pain, with swelling or itching around the site of the bite. Spiders can often detect vibrations in their environment of any possible threats; this will cause them to flee in the opposite direction rather than attempt an attack. In fact, most spiders are harmless. The only type of spider that people should worry about is the black widow, as its venom is toxic. If you think you’ve been bitten by a black widow spider, it’s important to seek medical attention right away.

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Why Are There So Many Spiders in My House?

Spiders can be found in virtually all homes, and the fact that they appear to come from nowhere often startles homeowners. While some spiders find their way into your property while hunting for food, such as insects and other small critters, others are looking for protection from predators or extreme temperatures. Spiders also enjoy access to dark, isolated areas, making your basement, garage, crawl spaces, and bathrooms the perfect place to hide. Spiders can sometimes even enter homes through open doors or windows while chasing prey. While the presence of spiders don’t always mean there is an infestation, you should keep an eye out for the following signs just in case.

Signs of Spider Infestation:

  • You notice frequent sightings of spiders scurrying through your home
  • You find egg sacs around your property
  • You have an influx of insects invading your home, such as fliesmothsants, and mosquitoes
  • You find spider webs throughout your house
  • You have unexplained bites

What Does a Spider Nest Look Like?

If you are frequently finding spiders in your Boston home, there is a good chance that a spider may have built a nest somewhere that you aren’t aware of. Spiders tend to do this in dark corners, inside walls, and in attics or basements, where they tend to not be disturbed. Spiders build both their webs and their nests out of silk, so what a spider nest looks like can vary greatly depending on the species. Generally, a nest appears as an intricately woven mass of silk strands or shields that are built to protect eggs, but the size and shape can vary depending on the spider.

At Pestex Inc., we understand spider behavior, and we know where and how to locate a spider nest for removal. Using our state-of-the-art tools and products, we carefully eliminate your spider problem entirely, returning your home to a peaceful and spider-free dwelling. We can also help you target and eliminate spider hiding places around your home and property, reducing the chances of spiders returning. Plus, with our ongoing treatment and protection plans, we can actively keep spiders away and give you ongoing peace of mind for the future!

How Our Team Can Help With Your Spider Control Needs

When you call Pestex Inc., your spider problem is in good hands. Our team of trained pest control pros utilizes the latest tools and materials to properly and accurately take care of your spider issues and any other issues your home might have as well. We are thorough, ensuring we eliminate all traces of your spider issue with effective and safe extermination methods. Plus, we even help keep the problem away with ongoing treatment plans and protection options that not only eliminate spiders but make it harder for them to return. We stand by our work and we guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our treatments, the longevity of our results, and the service you receive from our Boston spider control techs.

Tired of spiders disrupting your life? Do something about it today! Contact Pestex Inc. and schedule your appointment with our Boston spider exterminators.

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