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Flea Control in Boston

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Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of cats, dogs, and humans. They are transported on pets and wild animals, such as rodents, racoons, skunks, and opossums. Once they enter your home, they can be found on pant legs, blankets, carpeting, and furniture. If you are struggling with a flea infestation, Pestex offers safe and effective flea control in Boston and Framingham.

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Potential Threats to Humans & Pets

While the most common issue with fleas are the red, itchy bumps, these pests can pose a much more serious risk to human and pet health. Fleas are vectors of a variety of human and animal pathogens, including bubonic plague, murine typhus, and can cause anemia and tapeworms in pets.

Fleas can cause discomfort in people and pets with their painful bites and saliva, which can cause flea allergy dermatitis in pets and allergic reactions in people. If you have noticed itchy bites on your own skin or your pets are scratching all the time, you may have a flea problem. Check your pets for fleas and red bite marks to confirm the presence of the pests. It isn’t enough to treat your pet, you must treat your home as well.

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Effective Flea Treatment

Treating your pets isn’t enough because fleas can make themselves at home in your carpeting, blankets, and bedding. This is how pets often seem to keep getting fleas after treatment seemed to work. You need to treat your pets and your home to solve the problem. At Pestex, we offer Boston flea control services to help treat your home and eliminate fleas for good.

We are a Green-Pro company offering eco-friendly options for pest control with treatments that are safe for people and their pets and effective for eliminating pests. We have been serving the pest control needs of the Boston and area for more than 30 years and have never encountered a problem that we were not able to solve.

Preventing Reinfestation After Treatment

Prior to using a pesticide, we provide advice about how to get rid of pests and prevent reinfestations. Fleas are particularly tricky because you need to worry about keeping them off your cats and dogs and out of your home. Your veterinarian can recommend a safe and effective flea treatment for your pet and you can help prevent reinfestations by following a few tips.

To prevent fleas from making themselves at home, you can:

  • Clean and vacuum carefully to remove fleas and stop them from laying eggs
  • Bathe your pets and have them groomed regularly
  • Keep your lawn and outdoor areas well-groomed to discourage rodents
  • Don’t bring in secondhand furniture without careful inspection

Call for professional flea control in Boston and area at the first sign of a problem. Dealing with fleas right away is the best way to get the infestation quickly under control. We offer inspections and quotes for flea control and other pest control treatments.

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