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Pest Control in Wellesley, MA

Exterminator in Wellesley, MA

Since opening our doors in 2004, Pestex has remained committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable pest control services possible. As members of this community, we take great pride in protecting your home or business from pests and always go the extra mile to ensure we get the job done right the first time around. We understand that pest infestations can be incredibly stressful, which is why we are here to take care of them for you.

At Pestex, our technicians adhere to the highest standards in workmanship, professionalism, and customer care to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

More great reasons to choose Pestex:

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Signs of a Pest Problem

Many pests are known to hide away in dark and secluded areas, which means you might not actually encounter them in the event of an infestation. At Pestex, we recommend becoming familiar with the other common signs of an infestation to help you minimize the amount of damage your home faces.

Signs you need to schedule pest control in Wellesley include:

  • Nests: Pests (such as rodents) will construct nests with just about any materials they can get their paws on. If you find nests anywhere on your property, you need to schedule a pest inspection.
  • Property damage: Chewed-up plants, floorboards, food packaging, insulation, clothing, furniture, wiring, and other items in your home are a sure sign of an infestation.
  • Droppings: Where there are pests, there are droppings. Pest droppings can range in size from tiny little grains to small pellets, so be on the lookout.
  • Odors: Pest infestations are often accompanied by strong, musty odors. These odors are often the result of urine, feces, bacteria, and the pests themselves
  • Strange sounds: A lot of pests are nocturnal, which means you might hear some strange noises at night.
  • Erratic pet behavior: Our pets can often detect pests well before we can. If your pets are fixated on specific areas in your home for no apparent reason, it is worth investigating.

Pest infestations can put your home and family in serious danger, so it is important to have them treated right away. If you notice any signs of pests, reach out to Pestex straight away. Our technicians are skilled in locating, identifying, and treating all different types of pests.

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Rodent Control in Wellesley

Rodents are known to spread illnesses and cause significant property damage. They are also known to reproduce rapidly, so once they are settled onto your property, you can have a very serious problem on your hands in a very short amount of time. That’s where Pestex comes in. Our service professionals are equipped with the most advanced tools and technology and have undergone extensive training to ensure we provide the most effective service possible. Our rodent control services include:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Gophers

Wellesley Wildlife Control

The last thing you need is for wild animals to make themselves at home on your property. Whether they are under your deck or in your attic, wild animals can put you in harm’s way. Pestex offers the following wildlife control services:

  • Bat control
  • Bird control
  • Raccoon control
  • Skunk control
  • Squirrel control

Our wildlife experts offer animal removal services to help get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. We have extensive experience safely and humanely removing wild animals from homes and businesses throughout our community. Give us a call to learn more.

Say Goodbye to Your Pest Problems

At Pestex, we understand how overwhelming pest infestations can be, which is why our team makes your pest problems our business. Our technicians are so confident in our ability to provide premium-quality service that we back all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our work isn’t done until you are 100% satisfied. Let us help you take back your home or business and live a happy and healthy life, free of pests. With Pestex on your side, you can expect:

  • Residential and commercial services
  • GreenPro- and QualityPro-certified techs
  • Year-round protection
  • Exceptional service

Don’t settle for anything less than the excellent results you deserve. Choose Pestex and we guarantee you’ll never need to search for another pest control company again.

Our pest control services cover a range of pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Bees and wasps
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitos
  • Flies and fleas
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Ticks
  • Mice and rats
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Birds
  • Bats

If you’re in need of pest control in Cambridge, you’re in need of Pestex. Request a quote today!

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