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Fall cleanup season is in full swing! Raking and bagging leaves are on most of our weekend lists.

  1. For those of us with wood-burning stoves and fireplaces – keeping that wood nearby the home is critical to avoid tramping out to the shed or garage, in the cold and wet, to collect more wood when we need it – BUT wood should never be stacked up against the side of your home. This traps moisture and brings pests to the area. Stored wood should be on racks, up off the ground, and as far away as possible from the house.
  2. Make sure leaf piles and grass clippings make it curbside after your fall cleanups! Even on larger properties, dumping these debris piles in the woods, even if they are far behind your homes, make great harborage for pests. Not to mention, as the weather warms, these yard waste piles also lend themselves to mosquitoes and ticks once the season turns. Rake ‘em up and bag ‘em out!
  3. Bring in the bird feeder. Overwintering bird species have survived long before us, and they will be here long after we are gone – they don’t rely on the seeds from your feeder to get through the colder months. Rodents, however, are quite opportunistic – So get rid of the feeder, and store all bird seeds and other bird food in heavy-duty, sealed containers to eliminate feeding your resident rodent population.
  4. Take a few laps around your house and make sure any openings are sealed. If you would like help with less, let us know. Most small openings can be closed with an easy to use construction adhesive, hardware cloth, or steel wool. Pestex uses color-matched sheet metal for a permanent seal, and we guarantee that work. If you would like any help with sealing up your house permanently, 100% rodent-proof, guaranteed – let us know!
  5. Be Pro-Active. We are all spending more time than ever at home. Don’t wait for issues to progress before leveraging a professional! If you have a history of pest issues this time of year, or you are in a new home, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

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