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I was driving past a Best Buy the other day – a great retail store I’m sure 99.9% of the people reading this are familiar with. We are many weeks past the shelter in place orders from the state. Most people have their home offices set up and ready to go at this point, yet the line to get into the store was wrapped around the sides of the building nearly a month into Stay-At-Home orders!

“What gives,” I thought to myself, on my way to make efforts to extract a rat from a historic Boston-Area Hotel Lobby. “What could be so essential for those customers inside that store?”

Essential is a powerful word. I’ll spare you all from the dictionary definition – feel free to take on the exercise on your own – but when I try to stick it with a definition from the top of my head: “Can’t live without. Must have. Needed to sustain life.”

Best Buy doesn’t jump out at me as essential, but the reality is, Best Buy staying open makes life a lot easier for all of us. Everyone is working from home, and Best Buy sells those products making that pursuit feasible: Webcams, monitors, internet tools, etc. But Essential? I’m not so sure…. I wonder what Best Buy employees think about when they get up and go to work each day. Happy to have a job? Probably. Afraid of exposure to Covid-19? Probably as well.

As we journey on through this great global horror It’s important that we stop and think about what really is essential in our world. In Pest Control, we talk about the Essential Building Blocks for life: Food, Water, Shelter. Take one of these away, and the critter in question fails to exist. I don’t think Best Buy makes that cut…

That said, the reality remains many brave people are getting up and going to work every day, who might very well want to stay home – and they probably should.

Pestex is a Pest Control company protecting the facilities, homes, and businesses that have all been deemed Essential, as well as those that have been deemed non-essential. Doctors’ offices and Hospitals cannot have Pest Infestations. Homes and Businesses cannot have Pest Infestations. Food Production Facilities and Restaurants cannot have pest infestations! Be it a Global Pandemic, natural disaster, or other calamities – Pest Control services always have been, and always will be an Essential Service – and we are damn proud to be here for our customers, come hell or high water. We may want to stay home with our families, but then, who would be there for you and yours?