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Man, do I love a backyard BBQ. Even as Pandemic restrictions lift and more bars and restaurants reopen their doors, the backyard BBQ reigns supreme in the New England summer. While “The More, the Merrier” is the saying at my house for these types of gatherings, the one guest nobody wants is the dreaded mosquito!

It seems like everyone is offering mosquito treatments these days, from landscaping companies to pool companies – I recently saw an advertisement for these services from a residential fencing business! What does a fencing company know about the behavior and biology of the Aedes aegypti, or the more common species in these parts, Aedes Albopictus? Is your mosquito treatment service provider a licensed Pest Control Operator? What material are they using to control mosquitos around your home?

These are essential questions to ask. Licensed Pest Control Operators (PCOs) and the companies that employ them have made this their career. We do not just “spray,” we “treat,” and with that, offer added value to these services. We have trained eyes to analyze conducive conditions around your home, make recommendations to enhance the efficacy of any chemical control methods, and use the safest and most effective materials for long-lasting results.

But wait, there’s more.

Even among professionally trained companies with the skill and knowledge to get the job done the right way, many still neglect a very simple but critical additive – The Adjuvant. Adjuvants are a substance added to a pesticide mixture to enhance the pesticide’s performance in critical areas. While there are many benefits, one of the most important to this PCO is the enhanced ability the Adjuvant provides in allowing our solution to stick. Simply put, it stays put. When treating outdoors, we must limit exposure to non-target pests, like pollinators, and enhance our treatment mix with an Adjuvant to help control runoff and keep the material in the targeted zone for a longer period of time.

Before hiring a contractor to provide these backyard services, think about this information, and make sure you choose the right team for the job. Pestex is proud to have served our customers for over 30 years and look very much forward to 30 more!

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