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Summer has come to a close in New England, and weather changes come with the change of seasons. In the summer months, we see pests being more active as the warm weather is helpful to their reproductive habits. Pests are also drawn to where food may be, which is easier to find in the summer as it’s not hidden until piles of leaves or snow, and with increased outdoor human activity, more food crumbs and scarps are likely to be left behind. But, as the weather gets colder, most pests are looking for a place to shelter themselves from the cold and find a reliable source of water and food, which makes your home a perfect target. So, which pests are you more likely to find inside your home as fall is ongoing? We’ll discuss that in this blog.


Bees can commonly be found in the attic or crawl spaces of homes. In the fall months, bees tend to leave their nests more to gather nutrients to prepare their queen and hives for the upcoming winter months. They tend to be found in larger numbers and are a bit more aggressive going into the colder months. If you regularly see a large amount of bees near your home in the fall, you may want to hire a pest control company to investigate your attic, garage, and vents of your home.


Rodents can range from rats to mice, chipmunks, and more. These small creatures look to seek refuge from the cold by nesting in your warm home. Rodents aren’t picky when it comes to what food they will eat and are happy to scavenge and take your crumbs. Rodents are most commonly found in your basement or garage as they can slip in through even the tiniest of cracks. Some ways to prevent rodents is to seal your home properly and ensure your food is stored appropriately.

Overwintering Insects

Overwintering is the process in which an insect passes through the winter season, similar to hibernation. Your home serves as the perfect space for them to lay low without the threat of harsh weather or predators and then rewake in the spring. Some of the most common bugs to overwinter in your home are bugs like beetles, cluster flies, and stink bugs.

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